What to look for in a consultant ?

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Jack Sekhon & Associates recommends the following guidelines for you to consider before you retain a consultant. Jack Sekhon & Associates believe in providing value-adding services to provide the clients the “biggest bang’ for your dollar. In our opinion, a management system consultant must be screened through the following criteria prior to being retained.
A management system consultant must
• Have proven technical background with analytical ability
• Posses process management mind-set supported by risk management background
• Have diversified hands-on extensive experience in manufacturing and service business
• Demonstrate sound interpretation of the management system standard requirements followed by on-going trainer experience
• Excellent facilitation skills supported by leadership and team approach
• Be able to convince the top management about management system payback
• Provide guarantee non-conformance free documentation and implementation review by third parties
• Demonstrate competence in statistical tool and techniques application
• Be a believer in process measurement, analysis of data and meaningful key performance indicators
• Embrace pollution prevention as the key for environmental protection
• Design prevention within quality, environmental and occupational health & safety management systems
• Posses multi-discipline competence to avail the best practices from one discipline and design into another
• Demonstrate formal certification


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