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Jack Sekhon, diversified experienced and registered Professional Engineer & certified consultant, helps your organization develop and implement Lean Six Sigma to achieve variability reduction and optimum process flow.
Jack Sekhon’s Lean Six Sigma consulting covers how to identify the business improvement projects that will assist your organization in cost cutting opportunities in supply chain, manufacturing/service, and customer-related process to achieve cost effectiveness and efficiencies, as well as to achieve a marked improvement in defect reduction across the board. The process follows DAMIC model which covers defining, measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling projects. The Lean Six Sigma relies upon your organization’s ability to understand and apply relevant statistical process control tools to achieve a process control based upon tight upper and lower specification limits. In addition, lean six sigma approach will assist you in tremendously reducing takt time, queue time, and processing time through tools such as value-stream mapping.

Some of the tools utilized during lean six sigma projects include process mapping, SIPOC map, value-stream mapping, pareto charts, CTQC Tree diagram, quality function deployment, histograms, cause and effect diagrams, SPC charts, balanced scorecard, scatter plots, regression analysis, hypothesis testing, design of experiments, FMEA, 5S, and total production maintenance.

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