Prevent-based Occupational Health and Safety Management System

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Every occupational health and safety provincial and federal jurisdiction requires organizations to establish and implement an occupational health and safety program/system that ensures the protection of employee health and safety through prevention. Jack Sekhon & Associates have assisted a number of organizations to put in place such a system. Some of the key ingredients of a OHSMS or OHS program that design prevention into the make-up of an occupational health & safety system

include the following:

• Prioritization of OHS risks based on business processes, identification of all types of OHS hazards, selection and application of appropriate risk assessment methodology, and consideration of existing controls
• Identification of near misses and their resolution based on root cause analysis
• Selection and application of appropriate and effective root cause analysis tool
• Development and application of site inspection process that is specific and assists in uncovering potential incidents/near-misses
• Development and retention of competent workforce
• Effective employee training and awareness process followed by objective assessment to demonstrate learning
• Establishment and implementation of OHS decision-making hierarchy such as elimination, reduction, PPE, and administrative measures
• Awareness of statutory/regulatory requirements and their incorporation into working level practices
• Hazardous operations and operability analysis at the design stage
• Establishing and implementing JSA/JHA process with a teeth and committed team approach
• Employee involvement with and consultation in health & safety program/system
• Establishing an OHSMS/program that also includes return to work, WCB experience rating, leading and lagging key performance indicators, knowledge of classification units, awareness of WCB discount/penalty systems, average industry WCB premiums, and multi-classification work sites.
• Documentation that is specific, user-friendly, process-oriented, and includes checks and balances with defined criteria for health and safety
• A management culture that displays ‘walk the talk’ behaviour.

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