Need a Business Model?

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Organizations struggle with defining the model to manage their businesses in a manner that is based upon a thought-process designed to achieve customer satisfaction excellence, market share advantage, corporate sustainable development, environmental protection through pollution prevention and personnel health and safety trough prevention. Jack Sekhon & Associates propose a typical business model below:

o Vision
o Mission
o Strategic Planning
o Business Drivers
o Core Business Elements
o Stakeholders Management
o Management Stewardship
o Business Growth
o Financial Accountability
o Operational Excellence
o Asset Management
o Human Resources & Corporate Culture
o Information Management
o Environmental Management
o Personnel Health & Safety
o Continual Improvement
o Each core system element must be supported by requirements and key performance indicators
o Business Management System Processes

[message] For information about how to implement a business model customized for your business needs with the support of your existing/new business management processes please contact jack_sekhon @ or call 604-219-0601[/message]
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