Why not embrace a well-proven approach for managing High Risk Processes ?

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Control of Document Process Map/Flow Chart

A lot of organizations struggle with how to manage the high risk processes. Some rely on written procedures while others use high level simple flow charts. A large majority of these organizations deprive themselves of the effective and efficient management of processes.

The best approach to managing high risk processes pertaining to quality/environmental/occupational health & safety management system covers the process map/flow chart based on sequential processes/activities combined with relevant checks/balances with appropriate acceptance criteria, and supported by written procedure consistent with the process map. In addition, the various steps within the process map or flow chart are numbered. An example of such a process map/flow chart is shown above for document management process. The benefits of such an approach includes the following:

  • Users prefer the visual approach rather than text driven
  • Process map/flow chart avoid putting the cart before the horse
  • Process maps take the mental tension off you during troubleshooting
  • Process maps help you to place the checks/balances where they best belong
  • Process maps distinctively clarify the  acceptance criteria for checks/balances
  • Process maps assist in sequencing the steps of the written procedure
  • Process maps reveal amount of rework that may be required
  • Process maps define the overall boundaries of the process
  • Process maps clearly assist in concise, accurate and effective writing of steps of written procedure
  • A combination of process map and written procedure provides an ideal approach for managing high risk processes
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