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Jack Sekhon & Associates Inc., based in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, has been serving clients since1997 for all their business improvement needs. Be it quality, environmental, occupational health/safety, integrated management systems, Lean/Six Sigma initiatives, project/ supplier/ contractor management, and compliance management, Jack Sekhon & Associates Inc has the educational background, expertise, certification, technical background, hands-on experience and skills to deliver value-adding/effective/ efficient services with unmatched integrity.


To promote and contribute towards sustainable development in the business world through achievement of a common-sense balance between economic, environmental, occupational health/safety, and social matters/obligations


To be the clients’ preferred choice consultant in metro Vancouver, British Columbia, western Canada, and northwestern U.S.A. by delivering business solutions that demonstrate customer satisfaction excellence, creativity/ innovation and quality solutions through cost effectiveness without compromising integrity and professionalism.


Quality Management Principles, Environment Protection Principles and Loss Prevention Principles are the cornerstone of our creative and value adding business processes solutions.


Our strategy for improvements to your business performance will be determined and guided by your needs and expectations. Various hands-on and success-proven strategy options are available for your business and may include:

  • Process approach
  • Lean initiatives
  • Six Sigma approach
  • Project management approach
  • Risk management approach
  • Environmental protection and pollution prevention
  • Loss control and prevention
  • On-line user friendly I/T approach
  • User-friendly and no non-sense Documentation approaches to fit your current style of written procedures/ flow charts
  • Highly visual and value-oriented process maps of sophistication to match your needs and expectations of business improvements.
  • Cost of quality consideration such as prevention, appraisal and failure costs
  • Cycle times and rework loops consideration
  • Value-adding methodology
  • Practical, non-bureaucratic and optimum paper work


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