Jack Sekhon P. Eng, experienced contractor management facilitator/ consultant, designs contractor management framework consisting of contractor evaluation and re-evaluation requirements in accordance with contract/agreement requirements, engineering  specifications, occupational health and safety aspects and environmental requirements including legislative obligations to guarantee that contractor performance  meet or exceed your needs and expectations. In addition, Jack Sekhon provides probing, technical-detail oriented, value-adding, and unique contractor assessment/auditing on your projects to help you earn the ‘biggest bang’ for your dollar and to help you ‘raise the bar’ on your contractor management initiatives.


Deliverables include:

  • Specific and technically sound contract management framework
  • Timely and sound advice on weakness of contract management to trigger ultimate adjustments to contract management
  • Specific and concrete feedback to trigger fine-tuning or reengineering of your contractor management framework and philosophy

Total client buy-in on contract management assessment/auditing

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