environmental compliance auditing, health and safety compliance auditing and product compliance auditing

Jack Sekhon, P.Eng, technically competent compliance auditor,  facilitates and conducts gap analysis and compliance assessment/auditing of applicable Acts, Regulations and Codes using proven, value-adding, practical and non-intimidating assessment/auditing methodology and tools to trigger due-diligence excellence that supports your organization’s bottom line and growth. Audit criteria include Canadian, British Columbia, Alberta and other jurisdictional environmental and health/safety requirements. See more  (Regulations, Acts and Standards)

Deliverables include:
  • gap analysis reports to help you trigger path forward
  • process-based challenging audit plan
  • customized audit checklists based on applicable jurisdictional requirements and business processes
  • comprehensive audit reports that trigger due-diligence excellence
  • Total client buy-in on audit results

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